The Message of Peace from Torbat-e Jam People

Torbat-e Jam; a city located in northeast of Iran, coterminous with Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, in Greater Khorasan, on the way to Mashhad, Neishabur, and Herat dates back to Parthian Empire. The city of the sunrise in Persia, and of all pacifists in white without rancor. The city of hundreds of scholars, poets, astronomers, mystics, musicologists, and scientists.
The birthplace of Sheikh Ahmad-e Jami (the cupbearer of divine wine), Abu al-Wafa al-Buzjani (The first engineer), Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami (titled as Khatam al-Shoara-the last of poets), Abu Dharr Buzjani (The first poet of mystical lyrics), Abu Bakr Atiq Sur abadi (who wrote the first Persian interpretation of Quran), Ghiyath ad-Din Jami (weaver of the oldest dated carpet called Hunting Carpet, now in Poldi Pezzoli Museum of Milan), Khwaja Yusof Borhan-e Jami (the composer), Hatefi Khargerdi, Saif Al-din Bakharzi, Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi, etc.
The city of ancient games, several-thousand-year-old music and dances such as, Paltān, Ăpar, Hatan, Hanāyi, Se Čekke, the place of maqām and melodies such as, Navāyi, Kabk-e Zari, Allah, Oshtor Xāju, Allah Madad, Verd-e A’zam, Sarhaddi, Jamšidi, etc. People in Torbat-e Jam living within the borders are mostly farmers. They are faithful, and fond of mysticism, knowledge, and arts as music, dance, handicrafts, carpet and textile (called Farat) weaving.
“Be not like an adze, drawing all to yourself
Nor like a plane, gaining nothing for your work
In matters of livelihood, learn from the saw
It draws some to itself, and lets some scatter”
Sheikh Ahmad-e Jami

“Seeing me through your eternal knowledge
You receive d me as an incomplete one
You’ve got the knowledge as I am imperfect
May not refuse whom you’ve accepted once”
Abu Dharr Buzjani

Shall be dedicated to you, a wine glass of peace
Shall be surrendered to you, another glass of greeting
Incessantly a hundred glasses of peace and blessings
Shall be venerated for you thousand times upon a moment
Abdollah abdi bezdi

The affectionate people of Torbat-e Jam with a humble lifestyle, send their greeting, message of peace and friendship to people all over the world, wishing them faith, security, joy and brotherhood from God Almighty.
May God bless you to be light-hearted.